Houston In-Home Care with The Chrysalis Spectrum Difference

More than an in-home care agency, we are a family offering highly recommended elder care services that have proven to improve quality of life.

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we have spent a lot of time in the in-home care field. We decided to found Chrysalis Spectrum in Houston in 2018 because of two important lessons:

  1. 1. Agencies do not pay attention to the stress that they cause families when their regular in-home caregivers cannot turn up for their shift.

  2. Oftentimes, in-home caregivers are not valued by the agencies they work with.

An important difference with our in-home care agency is that we understand how difficult it is for families to accept caregiving. Bringing an at-home care provider into your home is a big, emotional step for a family. At first, your care provider feels like a stranger, and it takes time to develop the trust that allows you to feel secure with them in your home. 

Trust and Respect with In-Home Care in Houston 

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we pride ourselves on our matchmaking prowess. Our team strives to find the absolute best match between the client, their family, and their in-home care provider. We know that we can only see the best results when all three parties trust and respect one another. 

When you bring someone into your home with this level of trust, they become an extension of your family. 

Whether you need full-time home health services or part-time personal assistance with light housekeeping or meal preparation, in-home care can provide family members with peace of mind. With our caregiving services, we offer senior home care of the highest quality. 

Senior Care that Keeps You Covered

Caregivers are human, too, and we understand that they are fallible! Our in-home care providers fall ill, have childcare or family issues, have their cars break down, and emergencies like anyone else. However, we also understand the vital importance of their work with your loved one. Your family called on Chrysalis Spectrum for in-home care, and we want you to know how important each client is to us. 

Our care team strives to ensure that a secondary in-home caregiver you know and trust is available whenever your primary caregiver cannot attend to their duties. With an amazing pool of talented, verified caregivers, we ensure that your loved one always has the in-home care that they need. 


The Best Match For In-Home Care

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we believe in empowering our direct support care providers. When we match our clients and caregivers, it is important for the relationship to be comfortable for everyone. Our in-home caregivers have the option to co-select their clients. 

With this level of agency, they invest more in their care services. Moreover, we are able to ensure that there is a genuine match between the client, their family, and our caregiver. 

Our in-home care agency is in a unique position to help you match with an in-home care professional with the skills your situation requires. Most importantly, we are able to ensure that the relationship’s needs are met for everyone involved. 

Value You Can Depend On 

At other in-home care agencies, they leave clients in the stressful position of not knowing whether a caregiver will arrive as scheduled. We recently celebrated 2 years of consecutive service for a 93-year-old client. We were able to ensure this client’s needs were met at all times because beyond our primary care provider, we had a secondary caregiver ready at all times as well as a standby in case of emergencies. 

We are able to accomplish this without an army of project managers our clients never meet. Our team maximizes efficiency and care by treating our care providers with the respect that they deserve. 

When you already have a care provider that you work with, we also offer in-home care services to provide back up in case of their emergency. We can also handle their payroll on your behalf. We pay our caregivers on a weekly basis and have never missed a payment. 


Excellence in At-Home Care 

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we believe in the power of in-home care in Houston, TX. We understand how valuable the individuals in our field are. That is why we started the Chrysalis Spectrum Foundation. Through this foundation, we explore additional assistance for clients and caregivers who struggle to maintain housing and transportation. 

We remain dedicated to assisting communities that need in-home care assistance and individuals who assist with providing the service. Give us a call today to see how the Chrysalis Spectrum difference can vastly improve your loved one's quality of life!

For Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) updates, visit the Houston EOC COVID-19 Update Page for information.

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