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The staff at Chrysalis Spectrum were very compassionate and caring for my dad when he was sick and up until his transition to heaven. They were thoughtful and kind, and they treated him like family. I could trust them with his care and not worry that he was not going to be looked after properly and treated with dignity and respect. They made all the difference in his world and in me and siblings world. Thank you for everything.

Chrysalis Spectrum has helped me out so many times when I needed reliable and compassionate caregivers. I recommend them highly!

The Chrysalis Spectrum team were a godsend to me. My wife had stage four lung cancer and had taken a turn downwards. As her husband, I was the sole caretaker (at that point) and needed help as I still had some work to finish up before I left. It was a start of a six-month venture. At the end of it was my wife’s passing peacefully. I would work from home for a few months of that and then stopped to be there with her the rest of the way. What we found was a partnership that was quite valuable to the home operation.

Through each phase, assessments were done by executive management and options were presented all along the way. Some would help with cost. Others with increased coverage into the night And then 24hr presence. All of which equated to excellent planning, care, compassion and competence my wife would need. Plus, she actually enjoyed talking to them. A few of the last people she would ever meet again. What’s that worth?

When she did pass, The caretaker handled all calls and directed the Hospice, Minister and funeral home as people came in and out of the house. That’s attention to detail when you really need it. Because that was a hard moment as it was. It might’ve been the quality of the personnel and I think that true but isn’t that good hiring?

It is obvious to me that this group has the right idea and I appreciate them so much. I wish anyone that needs help gets help, these guys can handle whatever comes at them. You just Gotta include them. Good luck!

Chrysalis Spectrum found an amazing caregiver for us! Alisa understands how important it is for a family to find the right caregiver, especially for a special needs child. From our experience, I would definitely recommend Alisa! 

Chrysalis Spectrum is a highly competent agency that sets high standards for their caregivers. Caregivers at Chrysalis engage with my Father, who has dementia, incredibly well. He is always interested in their input and he wamed up to the agency caregivers quite quickly. I am just so thankful our paths have crossed!..

I would highly recommend Chrysalis Spectrum for any of your family care needs. Alisa and her team provided care for our aging mother with mobility issues, allowing her to retain a level of independence. They were familiar with her daily schedule, took her to appointments and provided companionship that was both familiar and comfortable. Even with family members close, it was helpful to have someone fully dedicated and attentive. As time progressed, our mother's need for assistance increased and Chrysalis was there to provide the additional support. I can not say enough about the courtesy, kindness and respect each of Chrysalis staff provided. Many thanks to Alisa and her incredible team.

Chrysalis Spectrum was extremely friendly & welcoming to me as well as my son. Very punctual & professional. The agency has helped my son & I restore our faith in working with a health care agency. I hope to continue to work with her in the future...

Chrysalis Spectrum is amazing. As a mom with a child diagnosed with Autism, I am very careful to select knowledgeable individuals to care for my son. I felt very at ease during the initial phone interview and I knew Chrysalis Spectrum was the right agency after the in-person interview. My son loves his caregivers so much he hate to see them leave when it was time for them to go. I am so glad I selected the agency as my primary caregiver service!!

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