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As we age, going out and being social becomes more challenging. This is especially true for seniors who undergo surgery or people who suffer from dementia and other conditions. This is why seniors find themselves spending more and more time at home. While transportation services work for some, those who face more challenging circumstances often find themselves feeling lonely for long stretches of time. 

Even when they live with family or have a part-time in-home care provider, seniors may lack the companionship they desire. A senior sitter can play a large role in improving your loved one’s quality of life. Companionship can enhance physical and emotional well-being simply by engaging people and making them more mentally active. 

What Does a Senior Sitter Do?

A senior sitter is a non-medical in-home caregiver that can be present in someone’s life whenever or wherever they need. This form of care is flexible and takes place in a variety of settings. However, it is most often utilized in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and in homes. Companion care is often a form of relief for family members. However, this type of elderly care does not include any form of medical advice.

While the tasks they can perform are not medically related and do not involve physical contact, they are an excellent source of supervision and companionship. At times, they may also perform light housekeeping or run errands. 

Oftentimes, clients utilize a senior sitter after a surgery or for an overnight visual observation of their loved ones. Anyone who needs a watchful eye and light in-home care can benefit from these services. Senior sitters are typically available anywhere from a few hours a day to 24/7. 

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we provide this senior care service with an array of options to offer personalized care to our clients. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide the in-home care required. 

What Do Senior Sitter Services Usually Include? 

Typically, a senior sitter is available to keep someone company while their family or other caregivers are away. They are also able to provide companionship to seniors as they recover in a hospital, giving the family peace of mind while they are at work or at home. 

Some of the more common services a senior sitter provides include: 

  • Playing games or engaging in mentally stimulating activities

  • Light exercise guidance at the client’s limitations or comfort level

  • Medication reminders

  • Companionship and friendly conversations 

  • Short outings to the yard or on short walks

On occasion, senior sitters may also perform light housekeeping and errands. However, this should always be arranged through Chrysalis Spectrum. Some additional tasks include: 

  • Preparing light meals

  • Running errands

  • Assisting with chores or light housework 

If your loved one needs to be transported by an in-home caregiver, considerations must be taken. When someone’s personal vehicle is used, there are insurance requirements and compensation issues that must be addressed.


What Are the Benefits of a Sitter Service? 

There is a wide array of benefits to having a senior sitter provide a caring yet watchful eye over a loved one. 

  • Peace of Mind. Family can rest easy knowing that whether their loved one is in the hospital or in a room down the hall, someone is watching over them. A senior sitter allows you to free up your mental energy and focus on taking care of work or errands or even getting the sleep you need. 

  • Engagement. Science has proven time and again that mentally stimulated seniors show a minimized progression of the onset of memory-related conditions. Seniors with regular companionship also seem to become ill less often, heal faster from injuries, and tend to suffer from depression less often.

  • Faster Recovery and Fewer Injuries. With a senior sitter or in-home care provider, seniors are able to recover more quickly after accidents or surgeries. They are also less likely to suffer from incidents down the road by allowing their bodies to rest and heal with the respite care a sitter provides. 

  • Emotional Support. Having a friendly face to chat with can be a great relief. In turn, this promotes mental wellness and higher levels of personal happiness. 

Houston Senior Sitter Services at Chrysalis Spectrum

At Chrysalis Spectrum, we offer a range of in-home care services in addition to senior sitters. We work with families to ensure their loved ones are able to live happier, healthier lives where they want to be: at home. We offer a positive, empowering approach to in-home care that celebrates independence, dignity, and quality of life. Rest assured that our in-home caregivers receive the training, resources, and support required to provide your loved one with optimal care. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us by phone or via the form below. 

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