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HCOD: Making life better for individuals with disabilities

Last week I attended the Houston Commission on Disability meeting and learned about exciting things that are happening within the disability community.

One of the biggest topics at the meeting was the future way to navigate through the Metro system. The chief technology officer, Randy Frazier, of Metro shared their plan to help visually impaired Metro passengers find bus stations easier. The technology will operate with the use of a beacon, smartphone, and vibration.

The executive director from LINK Houston, Oni Blair, gave a presentation about pedestrian safety. She gave alarming statistics about the number of pedestrian deaths from car accidents each year.

Other topics include upcoming events, current events, and public remarks. Visit here to learn about the HCOD.

For Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) updates, visit the Houston EOC COVID-19 Update Page for information.

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