Backup Services

Life happens and because of this, your agency needs assurance that a backup is available when your caregiver cannot make it to their scheduled shift. Whether you need temporary or long term coverage Chrysalis is here to help. We also help start-up agencies fulfill caregiver vacancies until the right person is hired for the job.   

Call-ins, no shows, and failed background checks continue to be a recurring problem in the home health care sector and is a reason for gaps of coverage and an increase in staff turnover. When caregivers aren't available it creates unwanted stress for the family and jeopardizes the reputation of the agency. Chrysalis Spectrum provides backup services for agencies in need of last-minute fill-ins. Contact us today and get a quote for services. 

In-home management services (for families who want a break from managing staff)

If you are managing the in-home operation of your caregivers and would like a break Chrysalis Spectrum can cover for you. Hire Chrysalis to manage your in-home caregiver staff so you can have a break, leave town, or go vacation. We'll ensure everything runs smoothly until your return. 

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For Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) updates, visit the Houston EOC COVID-19 Update Page for information.

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