When can I expect services to start?

Services usually start within a 72-hour window after the completion of the intake process. A representative will contact you an set up a meeting to address your needs. Once it is established that Chrysalis Spectrum services are a good fit for you, the agency administrator will assign you a caregiver to meet with. If you determine the caregiver isn't a good fit we will suggest alternate caregivers in your area who are available. You will be charged a call-out service fee for each caregiver you meet after the initial caregiver visit. We pay our caregivers to meet clients to reimburse them for their time and gas.   



We require a 2-hour notice of cancellation on the day of scheduled service. If you fail to do this you will be charged gas mileage for the day's visit at $1.25 per mile from caregiver's home. 


Can I make changes to the schedule?

Yes, you can make changes to your schedule as needed. We ask that you give a 4-hour notice of a scheduled change. 


Do you complete background checks with your caregivers?

Our caregivers go through a background screening every year and have at least 2 years of caregiver experience. Our caregivers also keep current first aid/CPR certification and complete continuing education classes to stay current with standards and policies.


How do you access to so many candidates?

We are able to get unlimited access to applicants because we are a company hiring for direct services. Due to this, we are able to make custom job adverts to Indeed and find highly trained caregivers who are looking for jobs. 


Do you take taxes out of your caregiver's check?

We do not take taxes out of the caregiver's check. Each caregiver hired is an independent contractor. They complete a W9 and receive 1099 at the end of the year. We send our clients end of year statements for their records. 


Is a lift a requirement for paraplegic or quadriplegic care?

A lift is not a requirement for paraplegic or quadriplegic care however depending on size and weight it may be necessary to perform caregiver task.  


Can your caregivers give out medication?

We remind clients to take their medication. All medication must be placed in a sorted daily medication container indicating time of day to take medicine (morning, noon, evening, bedtime, etc.).


How do I pay for services?

Clients are billed every Tuesday and expected to pay every Friday. This is important because we pay caregiver every Friday. A late fee of $27 is charged for the first late payment and $38 for each subsequent late payment. We accept ACH debit or a check. Checks can be mailed to Chrysalis Spectrum, 118 Vintage Park Blvd Suite W449 Houston, TX 77070

Is transportation service included in the services?

Yes! We charge $1.25 per mile to transport clients in caregiver's vehicles. Caregivers are required to submit a copy of their insurance when transporting clients in their car or the client's car. When the caregiver is driving the client's car there is no mileage fee.


Can I give caregivers gifts or money?

It is against our policy to give a caregiver gift or money. We do this because we don't want the caregiver or the client to take advantage of the situation. Many times caregivers and clients become close like family members and that is when dependency becomes an issue. We strive to not cross the line and keep things professional. 


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